Inventory system of the effects of disasters
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Software Products

As a complement to the DesInventar Methodology, a software product has been developed, this is a friendly software tool used to build and maintain Disaster Inventories.

The current version of the software is DesInventar Online, this is the recommended version to use. This version is designed to be used over the Internet and is located at:

DesInventar Online Edition

Software Documentation:

DesConsultar User's Guide

DesInventar User's Guide

DesInventar Admin's Guide

The DesInventar Tool was designed following each of the principles of the DesInventar Methodology, as a synthesis of the work done by the investigation groups that belong to The Social Studies Network for Disasters Prevention in LatinAmerica, about the unification of classifications of the detonation factors (events) and the disasters (communities and vulnerable infrastructure) in a homogeneous way, with a holistic criteria.

It is ideal to treat the inventories analytically, through tools of systems, as a basic requisite for the investigation production (comparative) and the study of the cases, for the support in decision taking about actions of mitigation and risk gesture.

It allows to show the reaches a detonation factor (event) can have and the disasters it may generate, on one or more geographic units of minimum resolution (municipal or equivalent in LatinAmerica), making easier the count of the possible variables around the affected region from a space/time perspective; obtain statistics on losses or direct on indirect affects on human lives, economy, culture, historic patrimony, physical infrastructure, etc.

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